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The Awakening of Hospitality

Hospitality businesses have had an awful time throughout the pandemic but, for those that have managed to ride the storm, the sector is now reawakening (and will hopefully come to life fully on 19th July).

At Regal, we have experienced an increased volume of interior design projects within the industry. This is because, as the shackles are gradually cast aside, many businesses are preparing for their road to recovery by ensuring they look their absolute best! The periods of lockdown - whilst difficult for those that rely on face-to-face custom – have provided an ideal opportunity to refurbish premises.

With ongoing instability regarding foreign travel, and consumers desperate to make up for lost time and missed celebrations, we hope that the UK hospitality industry will experience a spectacular recovery over the coming months.

As the saying goes… absence makes the heart grow fonder. And we are now completely besotted by gin and tonic (ice cold, with a slice of lime, served in a Copa glass, please).


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