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We're thrilled to offer our latest product, reGEN™ - a technical fabric made from 100% recycled PET... with no compromise on quality and style.

Choosing reGEN™ for your project reduces plastic waste, fossil fuel usage, water consumption, energy expenditure and the use of chemical products. It also significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

reGEN™ is the ultimate low carbon solution - particularly as it is woven less than half a mile from Regal HQ!

reGEN™ offers:


  • Energy saving of 60% - rPET Vs. virgin polyester (CED (cumulative energy demand MJ per Kg)

  • Emission saving of 45% - rPET Vs. virgin polyester (GWP (global warming potential) Kg CO2 eq.)

  • 1 tonne of landfill prevented - per 1800 blinds made

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